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The Mikado

April 2013

Behind The Arras Review - 27/04/13

Every now and again an amateur company manages to breathe new life into one of the Gilbert & Sullivan classics, and the MOS have done just that.

Assistant producer Barbara Hayward sang superbly in the role of Yum-Yum, desperate to avoid a marriage to newly promoted Lord High executioner, Ko-Ko, and formed the ideal partnership with show producer Nick Hardy, playing wandering minstrel Nanki-Poo (really the Mikado's son in disguise).

Brian Trott sparkled as the reluctant executioner, delivering his little list of people who never would be missed, in some style, while Beth Willis was a delight as Pitti-Sing, and other inspired contributions came from Susan Bushby (Katisha), Peter Bushby (Pooh-Bah) and Paul Wozniak (The Mikado).

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4/5 stars

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